If you have any queries or need to reach us please call us on 0117 9415379  and leave a voicemail or email us at info@resolvewest.org and someone will get back to you as soon as possible.

Our email inbox and voicemail are monitored multiple times a day.

Resolve West is an independent charity with over 30 years’ experience of providing confidential services to people experiencing conflict or crime.

We work with victims of crime or anti-social behaviour to help repair harm and for offenders to understand the impact of their actions whilst providing an opportunity to make amends.

Our expertise is in helping individuals and communities to resolve their differences by providing opportunities to have a voice and communicate directly or indirectly in a supported environment with the hope of helping people find a way forward.  

We offer a range of restorative services to individuals, communities, neighbourhoods and organisations which includes:

→ Restorative Justice

→ Conflict Resolution and Mediation

→ Conflict Coaching

... to those experiencing conflict, harassment, discrimination, anti-social behaviour and crime.

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