We have made a film with some of our clients from our conflict resolution service who had themselves experienced conflict with their neighbours which enabled us to capture their stories .  We would like to thank all of the clients that were willing to share their stories, to enable others in conflict to find out more how we can help.

Things have improved so much that it would not have happened without your help.  Thank you for giving us back our hope and allowing us to have the home that we so needed.  You have enabled us to move on and be happy and helped me to realise my strengths and weaknesses,.  Thank you for not allowing me to give up.  Things are still going strong and couldn’t and wouldn’t have happened without you.  Thank you
Housing Association Tenant

It was a huge relief to have mediation for us to say how we felt.  I could never have a conversation like that before because of fear of violence.  I really hope that things remain calmer now everyone has had their say.                             Local Authority Tenant

“It was helpful to refer this case to you as there was a necessity for better understanding between the two parties which was achievable through mediation but not necessarily achievable through enforcement action.  Housing Officer

It’s made me see more sense in what I do and made me think on what to do now. (Young Offender)

This service is brilliant and very good for helping people who are stressed and fearful after an incident (Victim )

Your support in listening in my times of distress were very much appreciated as I was desperate with nobody else to support me. (Victim)

The practitioners were very professional and dealt with the complexities well.  They treated us all as individuals despite difficulties with the power imbalances. (Victim)

The facilitators were a greatly paired team whose advice was both professional and understanding and warmly delivered.  I can’t fault the approach at all and further dealing with the police would not have been so positive for me as I would have been more frightened.  The help I did receive was extremely good and helped me to apologise for the terrible mistake I made. (Offender)

In 2015/2016 we worked with over 800 people experiencing conflict or harm, across Avon & Somerset.

100% of victims who access the Restorative Justice Service say they are satisfied with the support that they received.

95% of people who accessed our neighbourhood Conflict Resolution Service would recommend it to others in conflict with their neighbour