History of Resolve West (formerly Bristol Mediation)

History of Resolve West (formerly Bristol Mediation)

Resolve West (formerly Bristol Mediation) was founded in 1987 in direct response to rising social tensions in the city.  We became a registered charity in 1991, and sought funding to train mediators and to raise awareness of mediation as a non-violent and highly effective means of resolving conflict without the need for legal action. Our aim was to encourage and enable others to explore ways of coping with, and resolving, conflicts in their own lives and in the life of the community.

Since our inception, we have undertaken various projects which promote conflict resolution in different areas.   This has included:

  • Working in schools and producing a peer mediation manual
  • Restorative Justice for young offenders and victims and looked after children,
  • Noise counselling service
  • Neighbourhood/community mediation
  • Working with young people who are involved in street conflict, gang crime and Anti Social Behaviour providing conflict resolution services to enable greater communication between the young person and their families
  • Working with people at risk of homelessness
  • Providing Restorative Justice service to victim and offenders in South Gloucestershire, Somerset and Bath and North East Somerset.
  • Providing recognised and accredited training in Restorative Justice and Mediation
  • Ran Drop ins across the city
  • Training hundreds of mediators and more recently Restorative Justice Practitioners
  • Running a Road Sharing project
  • Briefings and awareness sessions within communities, within housing teams, within partnership agencies etc.

Our current projects:

We currently offer a Neighbourhood Conflict Resolution Service to communities across Bristol and surrounding areas.

We provide a restorative justice service, Restorative Approaches Avon & Somerset, throughout South Gloucestershire, Somerset and Bath and North East Somerset.

We are part of the Bristol Hate Crime Partnership working with SARI (Stand Against Racism & Inequality), Bristol Mind, Brandon Trust, LGBT Bristol (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Transgender), the Avon and Bristol Law Centre. The partnership provides casework support for victims of hate crime and helps victims and agencies access a wider range of services to support them in a more holistic manner, including, but not limited to, hate crime advocacy and casework, discrimination legal casework or advice, mediation, conflict resolution and restorative approaches, and other support services.

We also work on private cases as well as offer ongoing training to individuals and organisations and offer people the opportunity of volunteering with us.