Our Mission and Values

Our Mission:

Provide and promote services which empower people to resolve conflicts and to repair harm.

Our Values:

Six core values underpin our work and these will guide our decision making as we develop our culture, policies and practice:

→ Communication: We believe that accessible, clear and simple communication between people is necessary for communities to thrive.

→ Empowerment: We believe that people can speak for themselves, think for themselves, and decide for themselves.

→ Equality: We believe that discrimination is unfair and should be confronted in ourselves and in others.

→ Inclusion:  We believe that everyone should have the opportunity to access our services without restrictions or limitations.

→ Quality: We believe in bringing about the best in others and ourselves.

→ Accountability and openness: We believe in working openly with our clients, each other and our partners so that we can learn from one another.