Conflict Coaching

Conflict Coaching

We provide conflict coaching where one side wants some additional support in dealing with conflict.  This gives an opportunity for people to meet with two of our team to discuss how things are and the impact that conflict is having on them and those round them.  It gives a chance to help people to reflect on the situation and explore ways of moving forward so that things improve.

It helps by enabling people to:

  • Explore next steps and find new strategies
  • Think about what might work and think of improving ways of communication
  • Enables people to explore how they may be able to cope better
  • If people are unsure if they want mediation or not
  • if people are worried about meeting the other side they are in conflict with

We work with people over typically two sessions which are normally an hour each time.  These can be at our offices in Easton or at peoples homes, or nearby venues.  People can  bring a supporter with them to any meetings.

To find out further information please contact casework team on 0117 9415379 or text on 07534 188396 or email