Neighbourhood Conflict Resolution

Neighbourhood Conflict Resolution

We offer neighbourhood conflict resolution services to council and housing association tenants, homeowners as well as people living in privately rented accommodation.  This service may be free dependent on your housing situation.  Please contact us for further information and we can do a free assessment of your case, liaising with other agencies as necessary.

Our team has specialist and nationally accredited training in conflict resolution and provides a confidential and neutral service.

We work with people to help sort out disagreements, help people to feel heard, improve communication and move forward with their lives.

We work with issues including anti social behaviour, noise, children's and young peoples behaviour, abuse and threats, conflict lifestyles/cultures, hate incidents, harassment, intimidation, gossiping/name calling, relationship breakdowns, communication issues, cars/parking issues, access, garden and boundary disputes, bullying and social media issues.

What can change?

  • We enable people to ask questions and have some closure on what has happened.
  • We can help to improve communication between people
  • We can give people the opportunity to move forward positively with their lives.
  • We can help people come to an understanding about how to live near each other without future problems
  • We can help people feel more secure in their home and community
  • We can help people feel more confident in dealing with future problems together
  • People have increased health and well being by reducing stress
  • We can help break cycles of accusation and hostility

We will:

  • Assess cases and talk through ways of making things better
  • Work daytimes, evenings or weekends to fit in with our clients availability
  • Discuss additional agencies that may be able to help/support or work with existing supporters
  • visit people at home (or other nearby venue if preferred) to find out what is happening
  • arrange any joint meetings or indirect meetings at local venues
  • provide interpreters/translators/BSL etc if needed
  • Follow up with clients afterwards to see how things are
  • provide conflict coaching and 1:1 one if cases do not go ahead to a joint meeting or if one party is now willing to engage.


Neighbourhood Conflict Resolution

Please find below some guidance which you may find helpful if you are experiencing issues with your neighbours
Living With Your Neighbours leaflet