Organisational Conflict

Organisational Conflict

As an experienced agency working with people experiencing conflict for the past 29 years, we are also able to provide a service when there is conflict within voluntary and statutory agencies, organisational conflict and working with community groups.  We have experience working with a range of issues including: Communication issues, Issues within trustee boards, Issues between management/staff, Bullying, harassment, Misunderstanding, Conflicting cultures, Disciplinary/Grievance issues, Complaints, Gossiping/Name calling, Relationship Breakdown, Social media issues and anxiety/stress within teams

We can work with people ..

  • To enable open and honest discussions
  • To help sort out disagreements within a community group, board, within a team or between colleagues
  • To ensure that you feel heard
  • To help improve communication
  • To help you all to move forward
  • To enable you to feel empowered to come up with your own solutions
  • To ensure that the conflict does not lead to low morale within the team/group
  • To provide an option that is quicker than a a grievance or disciplinary route or hoping that the problem will go away

What can change?

  • We enable you all to ask questions and have open and honest discussions about what is happening and how people are feeling
  • We can work with you all to think about what changes could be made to help the situation
  • We enable you to have some closure on what has happened and move forward
  • We can help to improve communication within your team or with colleagues
  • We can help to reduce long term absence and increase in wellbeing
  • We can work with you all to help sort things out for the better
  • We can help you feel more confident dealing with problems in the future should they occur
  • You can feel happier and more       secure within your group/organisation
  • We can work with you all to develop champions of restorative approaches

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