Restorative Approaches Avon & Somerset (RAAS)

Restorative Approaches Avon & Somerset

Restorative Justice can help provide a means of closure.  It can help victims of crime or anti social behaviour to have a voice and to feel heard and for offenders to understand the impact of their actions and change their behaviour.

With Restorative Justice we provide an alternative way of dealing with an offence or incident, which focuses on the needs of the individuals involved.  Clients who access this service can also involve a friend, family member of professional to support them.

Our Restorative Justice facilitators support and guide clients throughout the process.  They help people to feel safe, at ease and fully prepared.  They give people an opportunity to communicate directly or indirectly to discuss what happened.  It can help people to gain understanding, describe their feelings and ask questions.  Most importantly it can help repair the harm caused.

Restorative Justice can be used in a variety of situations from anti social behaviour to the most serious of crimes.  It can also be used at any stage of the criminal justice process.

Most people find high levels of satisfaction through the process:

  • 98% of victims who accessed our services were very or mostly satisfied
  • 99% of offenders wo accessed our services were very or mostly satisfied

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