When you’ve been treated unfairly

Use our hate crime and discrimination services

At Resolve West, we are part of the Bristol Hate Crime and Discrimination Service partnership. This means that we can offer Conflict Resolution to people who are affected by discrimination or hate crime in Bristol, in addition to the Restorative Justice services we offer throughout Bristol, Bath, South Gloucestershire, North Somerset and Somerset.

Hate crime and discrimination

It’s a hate crime if you’re targeted because of your: 

It’s discrimination if you’re treated differently for these reasons. 

We work with people who have been a victim of a hate crime, or a hate incident such as verbal abuse or anti-social behaviour towards you. And if you’re feeling targeted, we don’t need evidence before we can work with you.

I thought the Practitioners who met with me were amazing and did all they could. They had amazing skills and went above and beyond to help me.

– Client

I felt really heard and listened to. Resolve West were very helpful throughout an incredibly stressful situation with my neighbour.

– Client

Hate crimes and incidents include:

Talk to us and we’ll help you be heard, understand what is happening and talk about how it’s making you feel. Then we’ll help you deal with the situation and find a way to resolve it so you can get back to living happily, feeling safe and secure in your community. 

We can arrange for you to communicate directly or indirectly with the people that are causing you harm. Or just work with you to help you feel more confident, find ways to cope with what’s happening or develop strategies if it happens again. 

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