Michael* was referred to us by his Housing Officer after his neighbour had made complaints about him and his children causing excessive noised. The neighbour was not used to someone living above her, and the two parties were having problems communicating about the problems they were experiencing, in a way that would allow them to resolve the conflict and move forward.

Michael and his family were severely impacted by the conflict, with Michael losing sleep and having to start taking anti-anxiety medication. Meanwhile, his children started to wet the bed due to the stress inflicted on them. Our two trained Conflict Resolution Practitioners met with the two parties individually to hear them out and assess their needs. The individual meetings also prepared the parties, so they knew what to expect when they meet with their neighbour to resolve the problems and conflict they were experiencing.

After the joint meeting with his neighbour, Michael became more confident in his ability approach any future problems with his neighbour. Michael has even become friends with his neighbour, something he had never expected could happen. They now say hello to each other and ask how each other’s children are doing.

I definitely think it would work for a lot of people, especially people that have different personalities and don’t know how to express their opinions to someone else.  Being in the meeting you can do that and you can do it confidently.


Your team really helped me with my situation, and I am now living peacefully again.  Thank you.


*Names have been changed to maintain confidentiality.